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Luiz Magalhaes

My fitness journey started in 2009 when I joined a running team while still living in Brazil. For the following couple of years, I got in shape and had the opportunity to run several races in Rio de Janeiro. When I moved to the US in 2011, I fell behind on my fitness and running goals, put on a lot of weight, and lost everything I had achieved. At that point I was more than 40 pounds overweight. I found and signed up for the Jersey City Challenge Race in April 2016. It was my first ever OCR and I totally fell in love with it! After struggling to complete the obstacles to finish the race and seeing the pictures I felt ashamed of myself and decided to change for real. A year later in April 2017 I returned to Jersey City Challenge Race. This time I lost the 40 pounds and I was finally in good shape. I was not only able to complete the obstacles and the race, but my time and performance were aligned with the elite runners. That made it an easy decision to sign up for the elite wave at The Hoboken City Challenge Race. Along with the City Challenge Races, I was able to complete several other races, including my first marathon and a Spartan Race. City Challenge Race was the push I needed to move on with my fitness goals. I love all City Challenge Races but by far my favorite is Jersey City. It’s a fast pace race with scenic views in a fun and welcoming environment. City Challenge Race is my favorite OCR and the floating walls is my favorite obstacle. I’ve run in 6 City Challenge Races and my goals is to improve my performance with every race. I’ve been training and determined to reach the podium in the next race!

Megan Robazetti

My fitness journey began in 2015 at the age of 19. My entire life I had been out of shape, very overweight, and feeling awful about myself. 2015 came and I joined a gym, and almost immediately realized the feeling I got from a workout was like nothing else. From there it became a daily routine for me and usually the best part of my day. In 2016 I decided to try City Challenge Race in Jersey City and it showed me how much more work I needed to put in at the gym. It was a refreshing experience as I had never had an opportunity to physically pushed myself so hard. I then continued my training and since then I have run 3 City Challenge Races, 15 Spartan Races, 2 marathons, 1 half marathon, and a few other OCR's. NYC City Challenge is by far my favorite location and the multi-rig is the obstacle I always look forward to. My long-term fitness goal is not only to podium at as many races as I can, but also to continue to always push myself and get better with each year to come!

Jacqueline Noelle

Youth City Challenger Jacqueline, age six, is fearless! She works very hard at everything she does. This includes her everyday battle with Cystic Fibrosis, a terminal illness that mainly affects the pancreas and lungs. To fight this heartbreaking disease, she participates in daily physical therapy and takes many vitamins, enzymes, and inhaled treatments to stay healthy. Jacqueline is a fierce competitor who will greet you on the obstacle course with a bright smile as she runs past you to tackle an obstacle at lightning speed. In the past 2 years she has participated in three Youth City Challenge Races. Her favorite obstacle is “climbing over the cars,” and her least favorite one is the shoe challenge. She also loves “climbing the gates” and “jumping over everything!” To keep her lungs clear, Jacqueline spends much of her time participating in physical fitness. She loves swimming, track, kiddie CrossFit, parkour, and obstacle course racing! She hopes to participate in many Youth City Challenge Races for years to come!

Rob Shimonski

At 45 one could either be thinking of retirement and taking it easy or… running obstacle course races like City Challenge Race (CCR). Focusing on the second half of my life as an OCR athlete has not been easy, but a challenge that I fully embrace. As a teenager in the US Marine Corps, I was first exposed to obstacle courses, but it wasn’t until later in life I would find them again. An avid runner who has raced much of my life, I decided to marry the two in 2016 and begin my journey to compete in OCR. In 2017 I ran my first City Challenge Race and came in 62nd place overall. This year I ran and came in 16th place and ran two more consecutive laps. Although I have only been active in OCR for three years, I have qualified for the NorAM OCRWC, certified as a physical trainer and received my Spartan SGX level 2 qualification. It has helped me build myself up mentally, physically and more importantly, build new friendships worldwide. One of the many things I get from Obstacle Course Racing is a level of camaraderie I experienced while in the Marine Corps. City Challenge Race has provided me with a way to match my training to a great course design. Much of my weekly training matches what is seen on the course. I do box jumps, jump rope, rig work, heavy carries and other CrossFit like training that translates directly to their well-run events. This is why I do better on this type of urban course over mud runs. City Challenge Races are run by great people who care deeply about the community. I can’t wait to a City Challenge Race again!

Jessica Brady

I've been an athlete since I was a little girl, playing a different sport every season. However, my fitness journey didn't really start until 2013. That’s when I got serious about my strength and condition. A match was lit under me because I fell in love with the process and the dedication it took to get stronger and faster. Lifting, running, challenging my body to overcome new obstacles has become invigorating and addicting! In 2015 I did my first City Challenge Race in Hoboken. This race was my debut into the OCR world. I have been on both sides of running City Challenge Races since then and their races keep getting better and better. My favorite obstacle is definitely the taxi/police car jump! I feel like such a badass jumping over the taxi and “real” police car! My favorite events are Hoboken and Boston - talk about amazing views and so much fun! I tell everyone, in and outside of the OCR world, "You gotta come see it for yourself". These races, the community, and the whole City Challenge Race team are an experience that will get you hooked!

JC Collado

I grew up in The Dominican Republic where I got my athletic foundation. Climbing, hiking through mountains and running to the river were daily activities. In the sixth grade I competed for the first time on the track team and soon realized I was one of the fastest and strongest athletes in our school. That motivated me to continue racing and I continued winning until classmates bullied me for my muscular frame. When I moved to America, where I was no longer bullied, things were different. I realized that being a woman with muscles was sexy, attractive, and an overall great thing. I slowly began to love my body again and regained my passion for fitness! In 2015 I did my first obstacle course race and fell in love with the challenging sport. As my passion for fitness continued to grow I kept getting stronger, faster, and began to compete on a higher level. As the competition got stronger so did I. I truly enjoy pushing my body to its highest potential. I did my first City Challenge Obstacle Race in 2016 and not only were the obstacles competitive but they are also fun. Since then I have competed in nearly a dozen City Challenge Races. Their race venues are spectacular! They are set around priceless scenery and always seem to be around bodies of water. I have met hundreds of supportive athletes at their races that have become like family. I am honored to be part City Challenge Race family and look forward to competing in their events!

Richie Hilton

As a child I grew up with severe allergies and asthma which prevented me from being active. In 2014 I was 40 pounds overweight and started my fitness journey. While weight lifting was my escape I never ran a mile until the end of 2014 at my first obstacle course race and I was instantly hooked. Since my first obstacle race in 2014 I have continued my weight training but added endurance running and incline training. I did my first City Challenge Race in 2018 at Jersey City, New Jersey. I had an absolute blast at that venue! There were many great obstacles, but the Devil’s Playground was my favorite challenge. I am looking forward to continuing running obstacles races alongside the rest of The City Challenge Race Pro Team.

Don Benjamin

Fitness has been a part of my family since I was a kid. My mom, a personal trainer for over 20 years, always made sure we were active. When a friend first told me about an obstacle course race I jumped at the opportunity. In 2011 I ran my first ever OCR, a Tough Mudder, and I've been hooked ever since. Though I've never been passionate about or ever enjoyed running, Obstacle Course Racing is now my favorite sport! I love competing, both for fun and for a podium spot. Being on the course makes me feel alive and as a personal trainer I love the fitness aspect of it. I ran my first City Challenge Race in Jersey City in 2016 and knew from that point on that I'd try to run as many of them as I could. City Challenge Races have the perfect atmosphere, the obstacles are challenging yet fun, and the people are just amazing! I feel so lucky and grateful that I've been a part of the City Challenge Race family and enjoy watching their events grow. I plan to run their events and be a part of this sport for a long time.

Jesse Liriano

I've always been active, played football in high school and semiprofessional after high school. I felt like I didn't live up to my potential and later in life was in a bad place due to alcohol abuse. The end of a 5-year relationship and rupturing my Achilles not long after contributed to a bad mental state. I used the time spent rehabbing from my Achilles as an opportunity to rebuild my life physically, mentally, and to be a better version of myself. In 2014 I did my first obstacle race and it felt great to be back in a competitive environment. That same year I did my first City Challenge Race in Hoboken and thought this was a great race. The scenic views, fun environment, and challenging obstacles made it a race I would always mark on my calendar! Since 2014 I've competed in over 12 City Challenge Races! My favorite obstacle at City Challenge Race is the multi rig. Every year they add new attachments to make it more challenging. After the injury I've completed in several marathons, ultra-marathons, obstacle marathons and in the OCRWC. Tough times don't last but tough people do. I thank events like City Challenge Race for creating a platform where I can compete with the best OCR athletes in the country!

Wes Meserve

I have been a runner & competing in endurance sports for about 16 years. I have an immense passion for running & currently race competitively in many road races & triathlons throughout the year. My future aspirations in triathlon are to compete an Iron Man & qualify for World’s. Swimming & biking have also transformed me into a more well-rounded athlete which have improved my running performance. One of my favorite events to run are obstacle races for fun with friends & sometimes I will race on an elite level. I have ambitions of becoming a running/triathlon/life coach & nutritionist. City Challenge Race first caught my attention in 2016 when I competed in the Hoboken, NJ race. I was instantly hooked as I loved everything about the race including the urban atmosphere, beautiful views, great medals, shirts, awesome people, local race feel, & innovative obstacles. In fact, I have bonded with the members of City Challenge Race in such a way that I call them family at this point. My favorite obstacle by far is the Caravan Parkour. It is a great feeling jumping on top of a taxi and police car & not to mention, the pictures are epic!

Bartolo Leon

I got into fitness and training when I was 17 years old. That’s when I began taking taekwondo and in 3 years and got my purple belt. From there I started running 5K's and sometimes would run 30+ miles just for fun. I did my first obstacle race, Spartan, in 2014. It was a great and exciting experience I would never forget. When I heard about the City Challenge Race I started participating in their races and fell in love with the sport. In just my second City Challenge I got second place and decided to run in elite waves. I have always tried my best to overcome the obstacles City Challenge Race throws at you and in 2017 won first place at New York City Challenge Race. It was an epic race with challenging obstacles. I absolutely loved it! New York is my favorite City Challenge Race of all and Devil’s Playground is my favorites obstacle. To date I have raced over 7 City Challenge Races. My plan is to get stronger, faster, and continue competing and competing in obstacle races!

Stephanie Rose

I am super proud of my fitness journey! Over the past few years I started OCR racing and it has impacted my life for the better. When I ran my first City Challenge Race in 2017 I loved the course, the positive vibes from the volunteers, and camaraderie amongst runners! I've faced challenges along my fitness journey but each challenge has helped me grow stronger and learn something about myself. The most important thing I've learned is that transformation doesn't happen overnight. Transformation takes time and effort. Don't get discouraged if you don't see changes right away and enjoy your journey!


I am an obstacle racer and mother of two teenage daughters ages 16 & 18. I started doing races because they’re fun and challenging. Learning how to complete obstacles motivates me to be physically active and encourages me to set new fitness goals. Since I started doing obstacle races I feel stronger than ever and love seeing the progress. My times are faster and obstacles that seemed challenging before are getting easier. City Challenge Races are one of my favorite OCR’s. They have cool locations with picturesque scenery and awesome obstacles!

Pamela Ciprian

In March of 2017 I made a commitment to get back in shape and made fitness a priority after years of putting it on the back burner. I was motivated to go outside of my comfort zone and signed up for my first City Challenge Race as a weight loss goal in April - this was the start of my love for obstacle course racing. 19 races later I have lost more weight than I thought possible, gained muscle and found a joy for racing and training in a way that I never imagined. I love City Challenge Race because of the urban obstacles, sense of local community and how it started this new journey in my life. I’m now focused on getting faster, stronger, having fun with every race and hope my story will inspire others to get out and try a race.


I've been working out for about 20 years, and it's been an evolution of continual goal-setting, from wanting to get in shape for my wedding when I was 24, to trying to lose pregnancy weight after the birth of my daughters, to focusing on fitness as an outlet for grief after the unexpected and tragic loss of my dad almost three years ago. It's part of my life... something I participate in and crave on a daily basis.

My best friend and I signed up for our first OCR in 2013 as a sort of “Fighting 40” goof, which helped me have a new goal to reach, and I got hooked. Day in and day out, my goal is to get stronger, to be able to run longer... and to get up that darn rope and do monkey bars this year without help! :)

I absolutely love the Caravan Parkour at City Challenge Race. I'm a big Donnie Wahlberg fan, so I liken it to a scene in “Blue Bloods.”

Fitness is both a physical and emotional outlet for me, which means that I am — and probably always will be — a work in progress. And that's what keeps me going — there's always going to be a new wall to climb, something heavy to deal with, or what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle to overcome... in the gym, at OCRs, and in life.

I am the Team chapter captain of Remember Betty NYC, which is affiliated with Remember Betty Foundation, and our team absolutely loves running City Challenge Race every year!


"I do OCR's to be a leader, to become fitter / stronger, accepting a challenge and overcoming mental strength"

I got into fitness in November 2006. I do OCR's to be a leader, to become fitter / stronger, accepting a challenge and overcoming mental strength which often hides one's physical strength. We do not realize how strong we are sometimes. The camaraderie in OCR's is always a special social bond that draws me back to each and every OCR. My fitness goals are to gain muscle mass, complete strict pull-ups and run a full marathon. At City Challenge Race I absolutely LOVE The Cinder Block Carry!!


I have been into fitness my whole life. I let myself go for a while and was really unhealthy! I started to get really focused in 2013 when my Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) journey began.

My fitness goals are to step it up in the OCR community. With my training and racing. The ultimate goal is to win a race or at least podium. I am working on making my mark in the OCR world to then be able to pass my knowledge on and help others reach their fitness goals through racing.

By far my favorite City Challenge Race is Hoboken. The views and feel of this race are unmatched. I spend a lot of time in Hoboken and being able to compete there is awesome!

My favorite City Challenge Race obstacle has been the double cinder block carry. It was an unexpected surprise in the last Hoboken race and it really tested the competitive athletes. This obstacle evened out the playing field. It took the advantage away from the pure runners and gave the strength athletes a way to make up ground.


I have been up and down with my weight for quite some time over last 8 years. I did my first City Challenge Race in the fall of 2014 in Hoboken. I couldn't walk the next couple of weeks but I loved it! It was not just running and the obstacles were fun and challenging. From them on I trained on a regular basis to get in better shape and about March 2015 I made changes to my diet and kicked training in to high gear. I did all local City Challenges last year and was and finished top 10 in 2 of them. I also started up with Spartan races which I love as well. At 39 years now, I am in the best shape of my life and will be competing in my first Spartan Ultra Beast in April the week after the Jersey City Challenge Race.

The picture on the left was in early 2010 and the right is from this week. There are about 70 lbs. between the 2. I lost about 40 lbs. from March to October 2015.

My fitness goals are to stay fit and healthy and compete at the elite level The absolutely love the walls at City Challenge Race! Jumping and climbing over things is my thing! Jersey City Challenge Race is my favorite locations since it's right where I live and work.

Jimmy Spiegel

As a kid I grew up playing football, wrestling, and baseball. I continued living an athletic lifestyle into my late 20s.Unfortunately, I lost my right leg and had to fuse my back due to trauma and infection in my 30s. During that time I suffered depression and started drinking a lot. Because of this I blew up to 260 pounds. I saw a picture online of a friend doing an obstacle race and thought that would be impossible, but I set a goal to try one. I found that doing CrossFit combined with kickboxing along with a healthy diet really helped me understand how to be an athlete while wearing a prosthetic. A year later I raced my first OCR and finished but failed a lot of obstacles. Rather than being deterred I trained all offseason on what I failed at and now I have completed more than 20 obstacle races with Team RWB, including 3 City Challenge Races. City Challenge Race is one I really enjoy running! The positive atmosphere and the comradery can be felt the minute you get there. These are very challenging races that caters to both a seasoned athlete and someone doing their very first obstacle race. I look forward to competing at Randall’s Island (New York City Challenge Race) this summer. If you see me on the course stop and say hi!


"He went from 400 lbs to 170 lbs and is the recipient of our Inspirational Award for Courage!"

City Challenger Victor Manuel Vazquez II has competed in numerous City Challenge Races. Through health and fitness he has transformed his life! He went from 400 lbs to 170 lbs! He will be running at Jersey City Challenge Race on April 14th and is the recipient of our Inspirational Award for Courage! Congratulations Manny!