Conquer the City!

How to Prepare for the City Challenge Obstacle Race

You need to train right to ace this race. We show you how.

Are you ready to really see what you've got? The City Challenge Obstacle Race (CCOR) features the most obstacles per mile of any race and features real police cars Challengers can jump over, rope climbs, sand bag carries, cargo nets to climb and more! Any training intended to prepare a competitor for the CCOR should combine elements of cardio and strength training. Here are five ways you can get ready for the City Challenge Obstacle Race. And don't think the race is just for us guys, it's a perfect opportunity for some friendly competition with your girlfriend.


Practice running three miles with sprint intervals mixed in. Sprint for a minimum of 10 seconds at a time, with 20-30 second breaks in between. As you improve, you should be able to add time to your sprints, and subtract time from your breaks. There is no perfect formula. If you're exhausted when you're done, you're doing it right.

Water Jug Carry

To prepare for our Water Jug Carry, start by grabbing a pair of 40-pound dumbbells (30- or 20-pound dumbbells are optional) and set up a small course by setting up two cones, or whatever you have, 10 feet apart. Walk briskly around the cones with the weights in your hands for 20 seconds. Then take a 10 second rest. Repeat this for a minimum of four to eight reps.

Rope Climb

Strong triceps are essential for this challenge. At your gym, find the triceps rope attachment and attach it the cable of the triceps pull-down machine. Kneel in front of the machine with your back straight, reach up and grab both side of the triceps rope with one hand. Keep your back arched, your chest puffed out and your shoulders back as you pull the rope down to your sternum with one hand. Then let the rope back up slowly, without letting the weight rest, reach up and grab both sides of the rope with your other hand. Do this 10 times (five on either hand) and then rest briefly. Repeat this for a minimum of four to eight sets. Make sure to choose a weight that you struggle to finish each set with.

Walls Climb

The Climbing walls of CCOR range in size from 4-8 feet. No matter what the size, if you're going to make it over without the help of a friend or fellow friendly competitor, you're going to need strong triceps. And you're going to need to practice hopping up and locking your arms out so that you can get your feet over these barriers. If you have a dip station at your gym, then you'll be able to easily strengthen and coordinate yourself in preparation for our climbing walls. Simply position yourself facing the dip station with your hands on either bar and hop up and lock your arms out. Hold yourself up for 2-3 seconds, hop back down, and then quickly hop right back up. For a greater challenge, crunch your knees up towards your body and hold them above your waist while your arms are locked out. Perform this exercise for 30 second intervals with 10 — 20 seconds of rest in between for a minimum of 4 — 8 sets.

Caravan Parkours

Our most exhilarating obstacle is where our challengers jump over real police and taxi cars. Preparation is key for this challenge. Start by standing on the side of a flat bench and plant both hands at the top of the bench with your thumbs touching and fingers pointed toward the side that you intend to hop over, and then hop your legs and body over while keeping your hand planted on the bench. Once your feet have landed on the other side, immediately plant both hands on the top of the bench again and hop over to the other side. Try to perform this exercise as quickly and athletically as possible for 30-second intervals with a 10-second rest in between for a minimum of eight sets.

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