Think outside
the Mud
Our Urban Obstacles

Caravan Parkour

Jump, Hurdle, Run or Slide over the hoods of two police caravans parked bumper to bumper.

Heavy Bag Gauntlet

Charge or slide and try to find the best way to make it through this gauntlet of 100lb heavy bags.

Military Tire Obstacle

It will take quick feet and balance to make it through hundreds of tires on the street. High knees the entire time.

New obstacle for 2017

Coming soon!

Monkey Bars

This isn't the kids playground equipment that you remember. You'll need upper body, core strength and coordination to traverse this obstacle.

Police Barricades

Jump, climb, fly over these like you're being chased by a police squat team!

Cinder Block Carry

Conquer your challenge one block at a time as you carry them!

New obstacle for 2017

Coming soon!

Tactical Rope Climb

Upper body strength and technique are needed to ascend this obstacle. Climb on the top, ring the bell and you can move on.

Climbing Walls

Jump or climb and take on 4 ft, 6 ft and 8 ft walls in this most classic of urban obstacles.

Inverted Wall

One of the most difficult challenges but fear not help from a team member or fellow challenger is allowed!

Cargo Net Climb

Take on our fun, and sometimes frustrating cargo net obstacles ranging in height from 20ft to 30ft.

Sand Bag Sprint

Strength and endurance will be your best assets as you haul these heavy bags up and then back down a challenging hill.

Water Jug Carry

Carry two water jugs up a long flight of stairs and back down a hill.

Sumo Squat Kettle Bell Swings

Grab a 30lb kettle bell (20lb for women) and perform 30 swings & Sumo Squats.

Ladder Wall Climb

Climb wall after wall progressing from 4ft, 6ft to 8ft ladder walls.

Bear Crawl Sprints

Crawl on all fours just like a bear and sprint under 40 ft of safety fence.

Challengers unable to complete an obstacle or challenge must do 30 Jump Squats as a penalty!
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