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“I got into fitness in November 2006. I do OCR's to be a leader, to become fitter / stronger, accepting a challenge and overcoming mental strength which often hides one's physical strength. We do not realize how strong we are sometimes. The camaraderie in OCR's is always a special social bond that draws me back to each and every OCR.

My fitness goals are to gain muscle mass, complete strict pull-ups and run a full marathon.

At City Challenge Race I absolutely LOVE The Cinder Block Carry!!” —Chery Bogusz


“I have been into fitness my whole life. I let myself go for a while and was really unhealthy! I started to get really focused in 2013 when my Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) journey began.

My fitness goals are to step it up in the OCR community. With my training and racing. The ultimate goal is to win a race or at least podium. I am working on making my mark in the OCR world to then be able to pass my knowledge on and help others reach their fitness goals through racing.

By far my favorite City Challenge Race is Hoboken. The views and feel of this race are unmatched. I spend a lot of time in Hoboken and being able to compete there is awesome!

My favorite City Challenge Race obstacle has been the double cinder block carry. It was an unexpected surprise in the last Hoboken race and it really tested the competitive athletes. This obstacle evened out the playing field. It took the advantage away from the pure runners and gave the strength athletes a way to make up ground.” —Wesley Barboza


“I have been up and down with my weight for quite some time over last 8 years. I did my first City Challenge Race in the fall of 2014 in Hoboken. I couldn't walk the next couple of weeks but I loved it! It was not just running and the obstacles were fun and challenging. From them on I trained on a regular basis to get in better shape and about March 2015 I made changes to my diet and kicked training in to high gear. I did all local City Challenges last year and was and finished top 10 in 2 of them. I also started up with Spartan races which I love as well. At 39 years now, I am in the best shape of my life and will be competing in my first Spartan Ultra Beast in April the week after the Jersey City Challenge Race.

The picture on the left was in early 2010 and the right is from this week. There are about 70 lbs. between the 2. I lost about 40 lbs. from March to October 2015.

My fitness goals are to stay fit and healthy and compete at the elite level The absolutely love the walls at City Challenge Race! Jumping and climbing over things is my thing! Jersey City Challenge Race is my favorite locations since it's right where I live and work.” —Brian Corbett


“I consider myself a fitness fanatic. I started running in 1993 and haven't stopped since. My body and mind love to exercise and once I changed my diet to a clean one and added nutritional cleansing. I lost twelve pounds and packed on lean muscle that I didn't realize I had! I like OCR's because of the element of surprise they offer. I'm never sure how I (or my team) will do in these types of races, but love the feel of not knowing and pushing through. My favorite City Challenge Race obstacle is the rope climb and my goal is to conquer it WITHOUT the knots and to get through the monkey bars unassisted.” —Susan Roderick


“I have always been very active, and competed in swimming and cross country growing up. In college I mostly just went to the gym to train by myself, but when I moved to NYC after graduation, I joined a gym and began actively taking group classes and lifting some weight. Now I probably spend more time at the gym than anywhere else! I love all the unique obstacles that really test my strength, endurance, and agility. Each race I run makes me stronger and fitter, and I like fostering a new sense of camaraderie and friendship among other racers who share the similar passion of fitness. I am training for a marathon, so doing a longer, more endurance-based running. My overarching goal is to just stay healthy and be injury free. I LOVE the Caravan Parkour at City Challenge Race! Jumping and sliding over the hoods of two cars parked bumper to bumper, I felt like an action movie star! I like the Jersey City race, mostly because it was my first ever City Challenge Race. I also love running in places I have never been before, and that was my first time visiting Jersey City!” —Jane Seo


“I've been working out for about 20 years, and it's been an evolution of continual goal-setting, from wanting to get in shape for my wedding when I was 24, to trying to lose pregnancy weight after the birth of my daughters, to focusing on fitness as an outlet for grief after the unexpected and tragic loss of my dad almost three years ago. It's part of my life... something I participate in and crave on a daily basis.

My best friend and I signed up for our first OCR in 2013 as a sort of “Fighting 40” goof, which helped me have a new goal to reach, and I got hooked. Day in and day out, my goal is to get stronger, to be able to run longer... and to get up that darn rope and do monkey bars this year without help! :)

I absolutely love the Caravan Parkour at City Challenge Race. I'm a big Donnie Wahlberg fan, so I liken it to a scene in “Blue Bloods.”

Fitness is both a physical and emotional outlet for me, which means that I am — and probably always will be — a work in progress. And that's what keeps me going — there's always going to be a new wall to climb, something heavy to deal with, or what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle to overcome... in the gym, at OCRs, and in life.

I am the Team chapter captain of Remember Betty NYC, which is affiliated with Remember Betty Foundation, and our team absolutely loves running City Challenge Race every year!”
—Gina LaGuardia

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